Is the Program in English?

Yes. All our programs are either taught in the English language or where our masters are Italian speaking, each lesson is translated by one of our English speaking Chefs.

What airport do I arrive at?

Milano Malpensa is your most suitable international arrival airport for all Manuelina Culinary Programs.

Are Meals and accommodation included?

Yes. Each Program we teach is inclusive of all meals accommodation and travel from the start and end date of our program. This includes transfers from the train station to your hotel on both arrival and departure. Lunches are eaten at the school and included from Monday – Friday. Evening meals are eaten at our hotel or local restaurants close by and are included from Sunday Friday.

NOTE: Meals are not included on weekends during our 5 week program as much experience has taught us that students often travel on weekends and prefer to explore other options. For those who are not travelling, we can certainly recommend places close by or arrange meals at the hotel for those that prefer to stay in.

All our hotels are 4 star or higher and located an easy walking distance from the centre of town, and close to train stations so that you can take full advantage of any time off. You will be notified of your hotel when your make your final payment for the course 1 month before.

Can I book my own accommodation?

Yes. We have an option for payment with accommodation excluded. Transfers are not included when the accommodation option is not used, but we are of course available to help with any arrangements you need to make to get to your hotel and of course also to the school each day.

What days does the program run?

Classes run from Monday to Friday, from 9am -4pm. On some days we may change those hours depending on class content for that day, but you will be notified at least 1 day in advance.

For both our 1 week and 5 week programs, you should arrive on the Sunday before the program starts, and departure will be on the Saturday after the program finishes.

How do I get to the hotel?

You will be notified of your hotel when your make your final payment for the course 1 month before the start date. All our hotels are 4 star higher centrally located, and in close proximity to the train station. If you have chosen to have accommodation included in your package, then you will have someone meet you at the station to take you to your hotel.

For those who have chosen their own accommodation, please just let us know if you need help to find the easiest way there

How do I get to the school?

The school is easily accessible by the underground Metro system. The train stop is just outside the school. You will be accompanied on the first day by one of our staff to show you where you should get on and off each day.

Sometimes we might change our laboratory on a particular day or for a particular program. In this case if the lab is not accessible by Metro, then you will be transferred by private bus each day at no additional cost.

What do I wear?

Students need to be in uniform at all times while at the school. Facilities and a locker are provided for you to change once you get there. Chef’s pants are not compulsory, you may wear plain black pants. Jeans are not permitted. If you don’t have a Chef’s jacket you can buy a simple white jacket from any hospitality store before you arrive or you are able to purchase jackets from the school.