**Manuelina Culinary operates out of 2 different locations, one in Brescia and one in Milan. The location may change based on laboratory availability and class numbers. Manuelina Culinary reserves the right to change destinations; both are of equal quality and value.

Arrival information

Milano Malpensa is your most suitable airport, then from Malpensa it is recommended to take the train to Brescia Station where your transfer will await. Once you know your travel details please send us a confirmation of your arrival time and a phone number, email or Facebook that we can contact you on.


The programs are taking place in Brescia, in the north of Italy in between Milan and Verona.

With a population of 195 000, it is the second largest city in the region of Lombardy and is characterised by a significant archaeological heritage with monuments from the ancient age to contemporary. Brescia is the homeland of Italian caviar and the production area for the Franciacorta wine.

Brescia’s gastronomy features a lot of beef and butter but there are excellent pizzerias in the city, Osterias and cafes where you can find the true “Bresciano” food and the wines are among the most famous in the world.